Why Windows Hosting?

Are you looking for a Windows Website Hosting for your personal or for your business website? Then you are at the right place here in Web hosting we provide you the best in class windows hosting options with amazing features at an affordable price.


Our Windows hosting plan starts at Rs. 199/ month where you get features like- ASP.net, PHP, MsSql and MySQL Databases, Custom hosting plans according to the client’s requirements, Free Control Panel, Database Manager, Add-on/Parked Domain, User Control Panel, Website Statistics, SSL Secure Server, FrontPage Server Extensions and a lot more other features.


We even provide better and greater windows hosting plans if you are looking for Unlimited or for your enterprise.The windows plans offer greater flexibility for any kind of hosting service you are wishing to take. The plans are suitable for a simple entry level blogger to large online booking websites. The sales team at hostingraja will guide you to choose the best suitable plan for you.



Here is the reason why you should go to  Windows web hosting

There are quite a few advantages of going with Windows web hosting when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider today. Here are the few advantages of windows hosting and why you should consider it for your website:





Front Page extension

In the event that you are utilizing the web design program called Microsoft FrontPage then you can make your life a whole lot simpler by running on a Windows hosting platform. This way, you won’t have to stress over checking if your server underpins the required extensions like you would need to in the event that you were running on a UNIX platform.


Access compatibility

In the event that your website needs to collect any of its information from a database in Access, Windows servers are extraordinary since they can seamlessly coordinate the greater part of this data for you without any difficulty.

While there are many database choices out there like MySQL, there are many people who still incline toward utilizing Access. With a Windows server, integration will turn into less demanding for you here.

Easy to use

On the off chance that you like how the Windows OS works, you will love the amazing way Windows web hosting works as well. It will positively be considerably easier for you to understand when compared with UNIX hosting.


You won’t have to worry about learning an alternate language just with the goal that you can deal with your website. This is an incredible advantage for any beginners.


If you are a developer who utilizes a product like Visual Interdev or is taking a looking at building up specific Windows-based applications for your website then it is suggested that you run with a Windows web hosting account.


This is on the grounds that UNIX won’t support any of the Windows development programs out there and if this is your preferred development language, you will be most appropriate to get a Windows-based server.


.ASP & Dynamic database

If you are thinking that you are considering utilizing Active Server Pages or on the off chance that you require dynamic database-driven pages on your website then Windows is the best decision in such case. In fact, UNIX hosting won’t support.


ASP, which will make this choice clearer and simpler for you to make in the event that you are utilizing this popular language for scripting. In fact, the popularity related with. ASP has forced numerous website owners to change their operating system to Windows hosting despite the fact that they have been utilizing UNIX for some time.