What is Windows Web Hosting

Today most of the people tend to go for Windows Hosting,  the reason behind it is that in Windows hosting they get a lot more advanced features for their website. Even though the cost of the windows hosting is higher but then it results in great windows web hosting choice. Windows server is also user-friendly and also provide a high level of security.


Here in Web hosting, we provide you the best-in-class windows hosting option at an affordable price. Our windows web hosting price starts at Rs. 199/ month, with amazing features like- ASP.net, PHP, MsSql and MySQL Databases, File Manager, DNS Management, SSL/Tls Manager, Admin Control Panel, User Control Panel, Fantastico Autoinstaller and a lot more other features.




We also provide 24/7 technical support via phone, live chat, email, and ticket system, We also provide 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. We also provide Managed Windows dedicated server so that you can focus on your business and we take care of your websites and hosting related issues.


The ASP.NET platform provides the three types of frameworks that give the huge flexibility for the users to go with the framework in which they have got enough of skills. All the frameworks are used to develop innovative and creative designs helping the one to achieve more with the created web application.



Here is the information on why to choose a Windows hosting

Windows web hosting is to a great degree well known because of its cost-effectiveness. The spiral cost of many web hosts programs brought about a higher window hosting preference. Another motivation behind why many individuals lean toward windows is a direct result of its friendly client features and strong nature.


At the same time with the help of the majority of the software that is freely available in the market are compatible with the Windows operating system. This makes windows hosting incredibly preferred over other hosting programs.Windows had been customary in its software packages advancements.



Few of the plans designed for windows hosting are listed below





Here is the reason why many people like to use the windows web hosting currently.


Windows hosting works successfully and compatible with numerous software including Microsoft products. The wide range similarity and extending support had made windows to an extremely popular. The most open source that can be found on the market today can work perfectly on windows. They can run adequately and proficiently without facing any issues.


Cost-effectiveness is additionally another motivation behind why many people lean toward windows. Its popularity today is additionally brought by its affordability. The purpose behind this is on account of the exclusive rights are owned by Microsoft itself, which really helped drive down its market value.


The most loved choice by many programmers. Numerous programmers prefer toward utilizing windows because of it’s easy to understand and user-friendly feature and fewer complexities. Its adaptability and unwavering quality are great, and windows likewise offer a powerful system solution that influences software programmers to work simple and helpful.


It is likewise very preferred by numerous developers because of its expert technical features. Today, why many users prefer windows hosting, is that it provides extremely supportive character.