Windows  Web hosting 

Today in the internet world they have come up with the most popular web hosting features. There are various operating systems where it is been providing a large number of hosting platform options, and Windows hosting is one of the forms that people like. Here in Webhosting, we provide you the best-in-class Windows hosting option for your personal and for your business website.




Our Windows Web hosting plan starts at Rs. 199/ month where we provide amazing features like-, PHP, MsSql and MySQL Databases, FREE Control Panel, Database Manager, Add-on/Parked Domain, FREE website builder/Web Email/Email Forwarding and a lot more other features.







We provide Windows hosting combining smooth integration, high level of security, application compatibility and single point of control, our Windows hosting platform has come up with the best-dedicated server hosting options that empower your websites on the internet. We also provide 24/7 technical support via phone, chat, email and ticket system.



“Windows hosting has gained its popularity as it supports ASP.NET”



Though we offer very affordable prices compared to others, we never compromise on the quality of the server.  The components used in the server configuration are the words best. witnessing this we have the achieved statistics of 99.9% uptime.




We are always a step ahead in adopting the latest available technologies into the server to give the quality of service and sync with the newer tradition.



Windows web hosting plans 

have different windows hosting plans at an affordable price- lie our Gold plan price is Rs. 259 per month, our unlimited plan starts at Rs. 359 per month, our Premium corporate plan starts at Rs. 599/ month and our Premium Enterprise plan starts at Rs. 642/ month. Each plan as different hosting features.





Here are the key advantages of using a Windows Web Hosting Server


Nowadays, a majority of people have a tendency to go for a Windows server over the other different sorts of web hosting servers because of the amazing advantages that they can relish with a Windows server which they can hardly discover somewhere else.



The most evident reason behind why Windows server is so well known and hot in demand for web hosting today is that due to its high level of adaptability and flexibility which isn’t available in other sorts of web hosting server. Windows server empowers a ton of customizations to be made on the grounds that it supports a considerable measure of alternatives which are helpful and easy to understand even for the beginners in web hosting.




One of the best quality of Windows hosting server lies in its ease of use where huge amounts of people discover them as simple to work and learn. This avoids and reduces a lot of needless learning and time.




Windows operating system comes simple, and straight-forward navigating guidelines and exploring symbols which is straightforward and also helps the beginners to easily understand the Windows Operating system who are new to the Windows web hosting.




Most of the people are happy with the Windows operating system and its applications as it provides them a comfortable while using it. Due to this reason Windows hosting as emphatically expanded its popularity in the web hosting.



Added Benefits of Windows web hosting

With regards to database support, Windows hosting has ended up being far better than different alternatives available. For database servers like MSDE, MySQL or MSSQL, Windows platform gives a complete mixture of, GUI support, and relational database support to make your job simpler and more effective.




Microsoft FrontPage is mainstream website composition programming and as of now being utilized by a large number of websites all over the world. Any website that is looking to utilize FrontPage extension must be kept running on a Windows platform web hosting.



Windows server is additionally adored by the greater part of the developers since they can easily develop any new modified Windows applications or new coding language which they have learned through the Windows server, for example, and many more.




A large proportionate of best substantial websites today have a tendency to for Windows server in view of its extraordinary usefulness in supporting different sorts of applications and tools regardless of that they are not with Windows operating system based.