Revolution in the internet media


There has been a huge demand for the web hosting services since when there is the huge revolution in the internet media. People are finding themselves more comfortable in opting the internet media to perform their day-to-day essential activities.


With the internet media becoming the more powerful way to reach the people everything from a small scale business to large scale business are making their mark on the internet by creating their own websites and deploying them on the internet.



Hostingraja and its offered services 


Hostingraja is into the business of hosting the website, from more than 10 years. They have developed some unique features that have added more points to the convenience factor of clients. Hostingraja offers various types of hosting services including shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting services.


The web applications can be of various types. Dome must have created just to convey some static information and others for any online booking. Depending on the functionality that it possesses the resource requirement will vary.


The websites with static contents can definitely fit on the service like shared hosting. Depending on the platform on what it is developed the types of website hosting services varies with Linux and Windows hosting. Though most of the servers run Linux on them, There are some people who opt for Windows as the requirement for their web application.



Hostingraja provides the windows shared web hosting at an affordable price compared to others.  Hostingraja offers 40% discount on the windows shared web hosting. The windows shared web hosting plans comes with unlimited parameters like bandwidth, Email, and disk space.


Hostingraja does not compromise with the quality of the server and uses the best in class components in the server that makes it reliable and most dependable one.


Some of the features that are listed on the windows shared hosting are


It supports ASP.NET.


Support CMS like Joomla, WordPress Drupal and more.


Tier-4 data center with cutting-edge technology.


Servers are secured with 6 phase security.


24X7 support in multiple Languages.


POP3/SMTP/IMAP/PHP/Python support


Free Control panel


Database Manager



The ASP.NET platform gives the flexibility to the developer with its frameworks that offers a various option to the developer to choose from the one in which has more skills.


There is a number of hosting companies India which offers the windows shared web hosting. But opting the most reliable one makes sense.The control panel provided with the windows hosting is Plesk panel. Which has the best in class user interface that performs most of the operations needed to manage the server




The control panel comes with the following features


File manager


DNS management


SSL/TLS management


Password protected directories


Unlimited FTP access


Access Logs


Backup Logs


Video Tutorial


IP Deny Manager


Hostingraja and its quality of services


Hostingraja uses the premium components in its services to ensure the highest quality of service is delivered. WIth the quality of services hostingraja also has a Dedicated 24X7 best in class support team that has excellent skills in providing the quick solution to the client’s issues/queries.


If you are planning to buy windows shared web hosting. Kindly contact the sales team at hostingraja. The sales Team will analyze your requirement and suggests the best suitable plan for you.

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