Revolution in the Internet media

The trend of communication, banking, business, shopping and lot many aspects have been changed due to the revolution in the internet media. It has grown up as the powerful medium to reach the people.


So with this,  lots of day-to-day activities have been upgraded themselves to sync with this drastic change. With this change, the web design and hosting service have got lots of demand and number of hosting provider companies have come into existence.




There are a number of factors associated with getting your website online which have the huge impact on accomplishing the intention of it. There are numbers of website hosting provider companies but choosing the right one is crucial.


The factors that you need to consider while choosing the hosting provider are

Maximum Uptime


The primary requirement for the clients from the hosting provider companies is  “maximum uptime”.  You can achieve your intention only if the website you have created is alive for a maximum amount of time.


Performance of the server

The hosting service that you opt must be quick enough to respond to the user requests. A   slower response can bring down the reputation of the website.


Quick support

No matter how dependable are the servers. A Client may experience any issues anytime. A

Quick response to the client’s issues or queries increases the factor of reliability.


 Features  provided

Hosting service provider is not only one who hosts your website on the server. Rather the definition has been altered to the one who provides the hassle-free hosting experience.


Considering the above factors could lead you to the best hosting services provider who could fulfill your requirements.


Hostingraja is the leading Indian hosting providers having honored with awards in all the above-mentioned factors. We have the sales statistic witnessing the same.





We provide various website hosting services


Shared hosting

This could also refer to webhosting. We have a number of plans designed which provides huge space and flexibility to the client’s opting for their desired one.


VPS Hosting


Virtual private servers usually referred as VPS are the next level of hosting. Which facilitates the features of root access. When you need to perform a number of operations on the server.


Cloud hosting


Cloud hosting is the new generation of hosting environment designed to overcome the issues with the traditional type of hosting services.


Dedicated server hosting


There could be a number of events where you need massive resources to run your web applications. The Dedicated server hosting services are just defined for that. It comes with huge privileges ensuring the highest quality of services delivered.


With the quality of services hostingraja also has the reputation in providing best in class support. It has a dedicated support team for every type of service it provides. The support team has got excellent skills in giving quick solutions for client’s queries and issues.

We promise you to provide the class-leading services with the best possible offers. If you need any details about the plans and features offered kindly contact the sales team at hostingraja. we ensure you the hassle-free experience at hostingraja.