Revolution in the hosting services


Internet media has been the powerful media to reach the people nowadays. All the businesses, communications, transactions have opted the internet media as the dominative part. Everything from the small scale industries to large-scale industries is the online business now. When you wish to get online you will have to come across lots of aspects of domain & hosting.


In India hostingraja has the best solution for that, having the reputation as the top website hosting company in India. It provides the webhosting services at very affordable prices.



Hosting with hostingraja


Hostingraja adds a number of features that make the user experience an easy flow. All the types of hosting services offered have got their own set of advantages which are suitable for different types of applications to be hosted on the server.


The plans are designed keeping in mind that it should offer huge space and flexibility to the client. The plans which are designed suits from a simpler blog to a huge traffic online booking website.


Hostingraja offers 40-55% off on its plans that make the hosting service more affordable for the clients. You will have two options to choose from A Linux and a Windows operating system with shared hosting.


Linux operating system is most adopted one with more than 85% of people uses it. The Windows support the special requirement of support of ASP.NET which has been the choice of rest of the people.



Lets TAKE A lOOK at the Benefits you get at Hostingraja



Unlimited Domains


Free website builder


Backup and Restore your website


Domain name checker


SSL certificate


Servers secured with 6 phase security


Unlimited MySQL Databases


ADvanced password protection



Few of the plans are as shown below



Offeres and features


Hostingraja promises 99.9% of uptime which witnesses how reliable are the servers. Hostingraja servers are powered by VMware which is the most widely used platform in the world


The memory devices used in the server configuration is SSD which offers lightning speed of the server. It has lots of benefits over HDD like less latency. Quick access time and more.


When you are hosting your website for the first time and when it does not contain much of the contents in the website you can start with the shared hosting. When you start gaining more and more users and it meets the event where you need more resources you can always upgrade to the next level of hosting. Hostingrja is the ideal place to buy web hosting India.


Different types of hosting services at hostingraja 


Website hosting on the VPS has got different set of advantages. If you are running a dynamic website or you need to perform more actions on the internet you can opt for VPS it gives you benefits like root access which permits you to perform various operations like installing an application on the server which requires root access and more.


The cloud infrastructure is the latest technology available in the field of hosting. Its unique infrastructure makes it possible to provide 99.9% of uptime. Hostingraja uses VMware components to set up the cloud. Hostingraja offers the huge discount on the cloud hosting services.


The other type of hosting services on which you can host your website is Dedicated hosting. It serves the need of massive requirement of the server. Like for a high traffic online booking website or an online shopping website.We ensure you the best in class experience with hostingraja.