Why there is a Need for VPS  Hosting service


There are numbers of hosting plans available depending on your requirement. The requirements do changes with time-based on several aspects of user traffic.


When you are hosted on shared hosting and you are experiencing that the resources allotted are falling short and you need more resources for the smooth handling of your website then all you can do is upgrade your plan to the VPS or cloud hosting.  Hostingraja is the top Indian hosting company that provides various hosting services.


A VPS server is one of the parts of a number of partitions made of the huge server. The VPS servers are isolated from the others hence does not result in any form of interruption. You can reboot your VPS without affecting the others easily.




Benefits of choosing VPS


Hostingraja has the reputation for providing the best quality of hosting services with the best in class technology adopted by the server. When you buy a VPS hosting service with hostingraja you will get a number of benefits that make it most advanced one.


The hostingraja uses the VMware which is the most used platform in the world. Some of the VPS hosting plans come with the free SSL.



The benefits of VPS hosting at hostingraja are


PHP5 support


Root access


Full CGI scripts


IPV6 IPV4 support


Unlimited Domain Hosting


Canned CGI scripts  and the list is big






A VPS server can be visualized by a large server which is divided into a number of parts which are capable of individual configuration. You can reboot apart without affecting the other. Your files can not be accessed with any other part of the server.


In VPS hosting you will have a root access which allows you to perform a number of operations. Having root access is like having complete command over the server. You can install any compatible website you want.




 “VPS provides the powerful hosting experience with lots of added privileges





Hostingraja VPS offers


Hostingraja offers up to 44% off on VPS hosting plans making it more affordable for the users.Hostingraja offers a free domain with certain plans. The plans at hostingraja Designed for VPS hosting fits for different scenarios from a basic static website to high traffic online booking websites.


The control panel offered with hostingraja is HR panel. It offers the great user interface that performs almost all the required operations necessary to handle the server.


Features of VPS hosting service at Hostingraja


Web-Optimised Virtual machines.


MySQL optimised virtual machines.


Full-Unix shell


Scalable resources & Prices


Perl support


Server-side Includes


Powered by Linux V-Servers


When you buy a VPS server with hostingraja you will be having two options in the operating system to choose from a Linux and a Windows operating system. You can choose the one best suitable for your web application.


Both the plans come with the bundle of features that makes the VPS server even more advanced. If you are wishing to buy a Linux server kindly contact the sales team at hostingraja they will analyze your requirement and provide the best suitable plan for you.