windows hosting plans and features

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Our basic website hosting plans starts at Rs. 99 per month, with features like- 3000 MB Web Space, 5GB Bandwidth, 10 Emails, 2 FTP Accounts, 1 Sub Domain, 1 Websites and a lot more other features. Our Silver and Gold plan starts at Rs.139/ month and Rs. 199/ month.



We also provide unlimited hosting and the price starts at Rs. 299/ month and here are the features Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Emails, Unlimited Accounts, Unlimited Domains, Free Cpanel and a lot more other features and for our higher end and better plans start at Rs. 420/ month and Rs. 525/ month.



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Along with that we also provide 100% Network Uptime Guarantee with 24/7 Technical Support via Live Chat, Email, Phone, Ticket System.


The plans at hostingraja are designed in such a way that,  is intended to provide the huge space and flexibility while you opt for the desired set of configuration for you.  In the event that none of the quoted plans meet your specific requirement hostingraja also gives the privilege to design a custom plan for you.



Here is the information about the things to consider when looking for the best Web Hosting plans.

 Web hosting decides the functionality of your website and the kind of user experience you offer your visitors. Your hosting plan should be reliable and ought to be up round the clock, yet this additionally depends on the web host you pick and the hosting plan that you choose for your business.


To ensure that you end up with the best plan, there are aspects that you should consider and make sure that all your website requirements are in the right place. A reliable plan is vital, particularly for websites sites because of the fact that the exact opposite thing you need to do is follow away important visits.


Here are the few of things to consider and check while searching for a top web hosting plan.




Hosting server location

The location of your hosting company ought to be nearer to you and your target audience. If your server location is far then it might take a longer time to load your website, on the other hand, if it is near it will load quickly.


Always choose a plan with the server so that your visitors can access to your website from any part of the world or from your targeted locations.


Hosting type

Cost-effectiveness might be among your aims when you are searching for a web hosting plan. Let the volume of your web content decide the what sort of package that is most appropriate for you, however, guarantees additionally that the kind of hosting that you agree to can oblige the sort of traffic your site attracts.


The three main sorts of hosting you have are dedicated, VPS, and shared hosting. Each type of hosting as its own advantages and disadvantages and might be appropriate for various types of sites and needs. Take a look at hosting type that is required for your website and selects that.


Hosting prices

Hosting price should not be a key factor in picking the best plan for your website, it ought to be considered to ensure that you can manage the cost of the hosting that you really getting a genuine value for the hosting that you pay for. Cheaper hosting plans might be better for a few needs, however, if you need more features and functionality then you need to pay more or choose the better plan.


Pick a plan that offers what you require and what you can afford and afterward think about upgrading as your business develops.  You likewise need to consider the renewal costs as well while taking a looking at the hosting price, particularly when dealing with plans that appear to be extremely cheap.


Technical support


Aside from enjoying hosting whose uptime is reliable enough, you ought to likewise get specialized support round the clock from your hosting provider. While choosing a plan, ensure that you get the best support at any time. The support team should remain promptly available to you by means of all channels including chat, email, and phone.


One channel can limit the promptness of the help to ensure that you can a contact them via multiple choices to get the help you require. You can utilize customer reviews to decide how reliable their customer support is and other vital components are while picking a host.