Importance of PHP hosting

Web hosting is scripting language which was developed by the PHP group. The PHP language is an open source interpreter which also means as the interprets in real time. It is not built on the code of the machine on which it is running on.




PHP works to produce dynamic content and is mostly embedded within working HTML code. PHP aims are to provide a powerful and free tool to create dynamic websites. It is currently one of the most famous scripting languages in the world.


PHP plans offered at hostingraja


The PHP plan starts at as low as 99/month. Some of the plans are stated below click on the below image to get the complete plan details

PHP hosting


Hostingraja provides the added advantage when you opt for the PHP hosting with it. The control panel provided with it comes with the features of multiple PHP versions which makes it possible to host a number of websites coded with different PHP versions on the same server. With some simple click on the front end interface, you can achieve this easily.


Benefits of PHP Hosting

Open source is free so it can to considered as bringing the hosting cost down and encourages the webhosting company to offer low-cost PHP to their customers.




Without any need for additional Plug-ins, add-ons or software it can integrate into HTML pages as a server end language.


Platform Independence

It can work on any operating system such as Linux, Mac, and windows. It also supports a number of databases at the back ends which includes Oracle, MySQL, and MSSQL. This makes platform independent and deployable in any environment.



Security Level

Nowadays, security on the site is very important as there are many hackers hacking the customer’s site or data. There are many different levels of security that PHP provides to the web designers. It provides security which is needed to keep the website safe from viruses, hackers, and many more. The security levels are also configurable allowing flexibility in setting the levels of security depending on the needs of the site.


Incredibly fast

PHP is very light on server resources. Which means that your site will be much faster and it will not put a strain on loading times or overall site performance. When your site consumes more server resources just to load a page with not only increase hosting costs, but it will diminish your overall user experience.



As an open source developer around the world keeps contributing features that add to the option PHP offer developers. Its dynamic load mechanism lends itself to a web developer creating their own extensions too. Using a graphics, encryption or XML, PHP is easy to use.




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