Need of the Managed services


Hosting a website can be of anyone’s choice. Maybe of a technical and nontechnical person.Since a technical person will be knowing much about the different kinds of stuff involved in the hosting environment he can handle it easily.


But for a non-technical person, it won’t be that easy. He may experience inconvenience while managing the server. The concept of Managed Hosting has arrived to overcome this event.


Hostingraja the leading hosting provider company which offers various hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated hosting services and also an affordable web hosting provider.


The various plans are intended to serve different needs of the web applications based on various factors associated with them. Those could be a type of the website, Content in the website and also based on its behavior.



Hostingraja provides the option for Managed hosting for all kind of hosting services.The managed services include various actions performed by our team. Managed services Privileges the user to sit back and relax. Any of the software installation, server configuration everything will be done from our end as per the client’s requirement.



 “Managed services- Another face of hassle-free hosting experience





The Hostingraja managed services include.


Managed Backup and restore :


Hostingraja team will take care of the complete backup and restore of the Emails, Databases, and the website files.


Migration :


In case you are shifting from any other hosting provider company the Hostingraja team will take the complete responsibility for the migration process.


Apache and Nginx configuration :

While you opt for any of the hosting services you will have the option to choose from apache And Nginx configuration you can select the desired one and our team will furnish the complete Configuration from its end


Firewall configuration and Maintenance :


As Enhanced security features, hostingraja has a built-in firewall on the server, Whose maintenance will be taken care of the hostingraja team


Site software :

In the control panel provided by hostingraja, it has uniquely developed a feature called site Software which consists of several necessary software which you can install easily within some simple clicks.  Hostingraja also provides the installation from its end.


Restarting and Maintenance :

There is a number of services installed on the server. Hostingraja takes care of complete maintenance of these forms its end.


Managed Malware Detection & Removal  :

Hostingraja has designed a special function which detects and malware and deletes it from its end. Hostingraja takes care of the monitoring these actions.


Managed service management :

Whenever there is a special requirement of any of the services to be run on the server Hostingraja helps to install the same based on the compatibility of the server with the desired one.



Issue related to mail and its Configuration :

Hostingraja provides the complete solution for the mail related issues and regarding their Configuration. Hostingraja has designed several modules which are intended to provide maximum convenience to the clients while configuring the mailboxes.



Panel Related issues.

If you face any issues related to the control panel. Hostingraja support team will take the action to fix it quickly.


We ensure you that hostingraja gives you the best in class experience when you opt for managed hosting service with us. Hostingraja has over 10 years experience in providing the quality of services to the clients and honored with many of the awards for the same. If you are wishing to buy a Managed hosting services with hostingraja kindly contact our sales team.


They will help you analyze your requirement <em>suggests the best possible plan for you</em>. For more details contact us via Email, Live chat, and call.


With the Managed service one can have the hassle-free experience of hosting service. All the required actions will be performed by the technical experts and hence reducing the complications in handling the server.  with the added benefits of the managed hosting service, we ensure you the best relationship with the hostingraja family.


For more details about the plans and features offered or any queries regarding our products kindly contact our sales team. We will help you out with the best possible plan suitable for you.