What is Linux hosting service?

Most of the people generally use the word Hosting to refer a Linux hosting service which can be termed as the cheapest managed web hosting service available on the internet.  n the same way, one can assume about shared hosting when anyone speaks about web hosting services.


There are a few number of web hosting services like Shared web hosting, Reseller web hosting, VPS web hosting, Dedicated Server Web Hosting, Cloud Server Web Hosting etc.


You must always choose the one which can be ideal for your website depending on the factors like required resources configuration, number of users, nature of website and more. The sales team at hostingraja will help you suggest the better plan suitable for you.

Linux hosting is a type of web hosting service in which the website is hosted on Linux Operating System. There are many Shared Web Hosting providers which provide both forms of hosting like Linux and Windows, but there are only a few of them that are reliable. We provide the most reliable web hosting services in India.


Few of the plans are as below



When someone speaks about Linux Web Hosting it could be any of these types of web hosting services. It could be anything Linux Shared Hosting, Linux Reseller Web Hosting, Linux VPS Hosting, Linux Dedicated Server, Linux Cloud Server.


Hence it should be remembered that unless someone specially mentions a Linux VPS hosting one can assume that they are mentioning about Linux Shared Hosting services.



Some of the reasons you should remember while choosing a Windows Website hosting for your website.


Disk Speed
This is mentioned very few times but hosting websites but accessing the data from your database can be a limiting factor in many web systems. Our technicians can work with you to optimise your design to reduce or eliminate inefficient database queries. On top of that, all our windows shared hosting disks are Solid State Disks that have no moving parts and are lightning quick.





Sever speed
Our Linux hosting service consists of an Enterprise grade servers for best line reliability and performance. Our Linux shared hosting services are specially tuned to give maximum performance to all types of web hosting needs.


We offer good support, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We do offer telephone or email support but rely on a ticket system. Also, our ticket system works best as the customer can describe his request, give attachments, and be prioritized by the support team. We have monitors in place to ensure tickets are dealt with quickly; Ticket updates appear in the client’s portal and are emailed to them.


Internet Speed
Complicated issue, made up of three parts, your device – if you are connected using a slow connection this can be a limitation (as any mobile user knows), the server connection – all our servers are connected to the high-speed  backbone, distance from the server – we offer a CDN service that will cache your web pages in data centres around the globe and ‘serve’ them using a more local data centre.


By now you must have understood the web hosting service or any other forms of Linux web hosting services or windows web hosting services. You can choose the best and the most appropriate web hosting plans for your business /website needs.