How Dedicated servers have vital importance

Dedicated Server is a server that is hosted by a company and it only allows one company to lease and access. It is not shared with any other person and it is dedicated to a single person. Dedicated web hosting offers customers to choose its operating system and type of hardware which the customer wants to install on it. In some of the cases as an add-on service, the hosting company will also provide administration services for the client, freeing the client from having worry about their website.





Dedicated servers are usually used to fulfill the massive requirement of the functions performed by web applications like online booking websites, high traffic websites and lot more. Though the price is little expensive compared to other forms of hosting it operates like it is definitely worth paying.



Some of the hosting company also provide you with the following service for maintaining your dedicated server such as


Monitoring of the server and applications

Updates to any installed Dedicated

Disaster recovery

Firewall maintenance

Data backups

Intrusion detection and prevention

Operating system updates


Few of the Dedicated plans offered by hostingraja are listed below. 

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Benefits of using Dedicated Server

 Exclusivity of server resources
Your server will not be shared with anyone and fully dedicated to a single person. So, you don’t need to worry about resources or bandwidth usage and slowing down of a server. With the dedicated server, you can select your the application, scripts or programs which will run on your server, which will also help you in better security in your online business.




Better Security
Dedicated Server is provided with a greater level of security as compared to VPS and Shared. So, it is a big advantage of selecting this type of hosting. You don’t need to worry about spammer or hacker as the server is dedicated to only you. The enhanced security offered by a dedicated server hosting is all the important companies that are handling sensitive information. It also offers one of the highest levels of security against malware and adware.


Reliability & Performance
As server resources are not shared by more websites the stems are benefited by the reliability offered by the dedicated server. There will be increased availability of your website as there is unrestricted access to server resources, server downtime will no longer be a frequent occurrence, which means that there is an increased availability of your website. If you choose managed dedicated server then you won’t even have to take the burden of managing their servers themselves as the hosting provider will do it for you.


As the business grows and website expands then you will need more space and resources. Dedicated Server allows the customer to get more space easily without migrating to a new server or you don’t even need to go to a new hosting provider. This hosting has the advantage of providing you the opportunity to scale up in the minimum amount.


Dedicated server hosting has an advantage which allows the customers to configure the server in terms of CPU, RAM, Disk space platform or software because of which customers select dedicated server more. In case of shared hosting which forces customers to work with the server which is already located on the server, which eliminates the possibility for customizability.


Dedicated IP address
A dedicated server comes with a dedicated IP address which means you will have a different IP from other users because of which their actions won’t reflect on your business reputation and you don’t need to worry about the IP being blacklisted. sharing your Ip with an adult site or site engages in spamming will tarnish your reputation and also influence your search engine ranking too. Having a dedicated IP is also important for e-commerce website as they process credit card payments and they also require to have SSL.


So, go for web hosting and buy dedicated web hosting server at affordable price with many features such as Storage & Bandwidth, Root SSH Access, Unlimited Domain Hosting, PHP5 Support, SSL Secure Server, IPv6 Support, Canned CGI Scripts, Full CGI Access, Network Isolation, Web-Optimized Virtual Machines, MySQL-Optimized Virtual Machines and many more with 24/7 customer service and 99.99% uptime guarantee.