What is cloud hosting?


Cloud hosting infrastructure is the latest revolution in the field of hosting. The basic advantage of cloud hosting with the others is the availability of the resources. This makes the hosting service more reliable.


Hostingraja is one of the top Indian hosting company provides the cloud hosting infrastructure at very affordable prices compared to others.It also offers the huge discount in order to make it more affordable for the users. You will get the number of benefits when you opt for the cloud hosting in India.



Hostingraja offers up to 40% discounts on its cloud hosting plans ensuring the highest point of affordability to the clients.
Hostingraja offers offer on web hosting also to meet the best price expectation of the client.


Benefits of cloud server


Imagine you are hosted on shared hosting. And one of the resources allotted to you fails then you may experience a sudden downtime, then the client may have to face a huge loss. This problem can be overcome when you host your website in a cloud.


The cloud infrastructure allows the required resources whenever one of the resources goes down. The power of cloud infrastructure when meets with the hosting service like hostingraja mean the perfect combination.



 “The cloud infrastructure ensures maximum uptime of the server



The cloud infrastructure set by Hostingraja is the premium in quality with the best technologies adopted into it. We provide the cloud migration from our end making it simpler for the client.our cloud hosting is designed in such a way to provide the high availability of the components.


The cloud hosting at us is highly scalable. whenever you feel like you will get more resources, you can get them easily. The cloud infrastructure is completely simplified. We set up your cloud infrastructure to guide you enough.




The Benefits of opting for cloud hosting services at Hostingraja


Pain-free cloud migration


High availability


Highly scalable


Cloud/Storage simplified


Superior support


Fully Managed cloud


Powered by VMware


Dedicated bandwidth



Hostingraja cloud with latest technologies


The cloud infrastructure at hostingraja is powered by VMware which is the most widely used platform in the world. It uses SSD as the memory element which boosts up the access time of-of the server and helps to make it act lightning fast.


We provide the option for you to choose the fully managed cloud. Because it is always necessary to manage your cloud by the experts so that you can experience the uninterrupted service for the application that you have hosted.


Our cloud is powered by VMware which is the top technology in the world. In the cloud, we provide the shared bandwidth but you will have the option to choose for the dedicated bandwidth. If you are planning to buy a cloud hosting from hosting raja kindly contact our sales team.