Windows Hosting

Windows Plan

We provide Fastest, Secure & Reliable Windows. We offer shared ASP windows and dedicated windows with various plans at affordable rates.

Linux Hosting


HostingRaja is Specialized in providing Linux Hosting in India. We Offer Variety of Linux Plans Like Shared Linux and Dedicated Linux Web Hosting at Affordable Rates.

Premium Plan

Premium Plan

HostingRaja’s Premium plan for Premium customers. Our Premium plan is equipped with Premium Data Security. Get the Power of VPS from our Premium Plans.

Magento Hosting

Magento Optimized

We offer best magento web solutions for your magento ecommerce shop with Free Magento Templates.Go with Cloud or VPS which is better optimized for Magento Platform.


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VPS Server – 55% OFFER

Get more power with secured VPS from Us. Our Linux VPS and Windows VPS are fully managed and performance tuned secure servers.


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We provide the secured platform for wordpress websites. Our WordPress plans comes with WordPress Auto install and free WordPress themes.



If you are an Indian customer, you will get all the Webhosting services in India. There are many website hosting companies in India, but when it comes to quality of the services we are known as the best. As the number of our customers speaks in itself, we make sure we provide the highest level of satisfaction to our customers. We provide the most flexible option in our website hosting plans, making us the best hosting provider. We provide the services according to your web hosting needs. You will be able to upgrade your web hosting needs according to the business you are doing.

If you are looking for the best web hosting provider in India then you are at the right place. We are No1 web hosting provider in India who has years of experience in providing the best hosting services for our customers. We provide all types of hosting services like Linux hosting, Windows hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Unlimited Hosting, and a lot more other hosting services at an affordable price. We also provide 24/7 tech support via phone, chat, email and ticket our support team is ready to help you out in all your issues, you and shoot any question to our support team and they will come up with a unique and brilliant answer for your question. Our basic web hosting price starts at Rs. 99/ per month. Our Windows hosting plans starts at Rs. 199 per month. Our Cloud hosting plans start at Rs. 1425 per month.

We make sure that you are provided with a suitable space, RAM and Bandwidth to keep your website live and working 24/7. All these plans and features make us the best hosting provider. You can choose the most appropriate website hosting plan according to your business needs. We will take care of rest of the things.

Linux Web Hosting

Linux website hosting is the type web hosting service in which the company uses a Linux Operating System. Windows website hosting is the type of hosting service in which a company uses a Windows Operating System. A Linux hosting service or a Windows Hosting service can be anything among Shared Website Hosting, Reseller Website Hosting, VPS Website Hosting, Dedicated Server Website Hosting, Cloud Server Website Hosting, WordPress Website Hosting, SSD Website Hosting, Joomla Website Hosting, Drupal Website Hosting, cPanel Website Hosting or any other type of website hosting. Generally most of the people who starts out on the website starts with a single website or a few websites go with a Linux Shared Website Hosting unless they really need Windows a windows hosting functionality.

Sever speed – Our linux hosting service consists of an Enterprise grade servers for best line reliability and performance. Our linux shared hosting services are specially tuned to give maximum performance to all types of web hosting needs.
Disk Speed – This is mentioned very few times but hosting web sites but accessing the data from your database can be a limiting factor in many web systems. Our designers and technicians can work with you to optimise your design to reduce or eliminate inefficient database queries. On top of that, all our shared hosting disks are Solid State Disks that have no moving parts and are lightning quick.
Internet Speed – complicated issue, made up of three parts, your device – if you are connected using a slow connection this can be a limitation (as any mobile user knows), the server connection – all our servers are connected to high speed backbone, distance from the server – we offer a CDN service that will cache your web pages in data centres around the globe and ‘serve’ them using a more local data centre.

Shared Web Hosting

Most of the people generally use the word Hosting to refer a shared hosting service which can be termed as the cheapest managed website hosting service available on the internet. In the same way one can assume about Shared Hosting when anyone speaks about Shared Hosting services. There are a few number of website hosting services like Shared website hosting, Reseller website hosting, VPS website hosting, Dedicated Server website Hosting, Cloud Server website Hosting etc.

Linux Shared Hosting


Linux Shared Hosting
  • Linux Shared Hosting
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • MySQL
  • LAMP Stack
  • One Click Instalable
  • Multiple PHP Version
  • Backup & Restore
  • Malware Protection
  • Cache Optimization
  • JS/CSS compression
  • GZIP Compression
  • 5x faster Apache
  • Built-in page caching
  • Built-in anti-DDoS
  • Keepalive Time Out Optimized

Windows Shared Hosting


Windows Shared Hosting
  • Windows Shared Hosting
  • MVC Framework
  • MsSql
  • MySql
  • PHP Support
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Multi PHP
  • Crystal report
  • URL Rewrite
  • IIS Server
  • Visual studio
  • Backup & Restore
  • Web Mail
  • Plesk
  • Ajax Tool Kit

If you don’t have an idea about Shared Hosting we will explain it here. Shared hosting is a type of website hosting service in which the website is hosted on Shared Servers. There are many Shared Website Hosting providers which provides both forms of hosting like Linux and Windows, but there are only few of them that are reliable. We provide the most reliable hosting services in India.

Windows Web Hosting

When you are thinking to buy a Windows server hosting you will have to analyze what kind of web application you are about to host. Based on how big is the content and what all resources and compatible languages you will need in your server you will have to choose the appropriate plan .Hostingraja offers lots of key features that make the hosting experience easy. When you buy any of the hosting service providers the primary thing to be considered is its uptime. The uptime terminology is used to express for how much time the server was active. Windows hosting at hostingraja offers 99% uptime which witnesses how reliable the server is Hostingraja offers best in class features in very affordable plans compared to any other hosting service providers in India.

The things you should look when buying a windows server is what all the application does the server supports. When the application you have coded is no longer supported by the server that you are hosting then there is no point in selecting such a server. Hostingraja server supports the ASP.NET this is the most commonly used platform in the world It offers various types of frameworks that support the creativity of the developer for creating different types of websites based on the skills sets that he has on the frameworks.

VPS Hosting

VPS server hosting is less expensive compared to cloud server hosting.No information, data or file access comes from other VPS clients on the same shared server. They are kept completely separate the data is secured.The VPS servers can be configured individually you can reboot one server without affecting the other server.VPS server gives you more flexibility. Based on the requirement of the web application you can easily opt for the plan. In case if you feel you require more resources in the future you can always opt for it.

Though the cloud servers look more technologically updated compared to VPS hosting. VPS hosting has lots of advantages over cloud Hosting. The visualization of VPS server can be done as the huge server that is divided into a number of parts, Which have the capability to configured individually. It can also be defined as One physical web server which is divided into various smaller server slices, each one act as their own virtual server environment. Some Advantages of VPS are.

Cloud Hosting

This is all great, if you’re the only one on the SAN. However, in a cloud hosting service make cloud services profitable the cloud machine will almost always end up sharing limited bandwidth to the actual physical disks with many of other clients. To accommodate clients who absolutely require faster disk I/O, there are some Cloud providers that offer different tiers of storage speed for virtual disk access. You will be able to see non-trivial price increases as your contracted cloud disk read/write rates increase though. In this case you may also end up paying a monthly charge per GB of excess storage you use. This could seem like only few money, but this could add up every month. Typically it could be said the more storage is required the less cost effective cloud machines will become.

One of the most important aspect of Cloud server hosting security is by using a more reliable and secure network anytime you or somebody else logs onto your server account, especially if you have customized your account to allow for a great deal of control. This also means you should never sign into your server account using a public or otherwise non-trusted network, and not to use anybody else log-in credentials to your cloud server account to keep the same advice in mind. You should never share the login credentials with anyone else.

Unlimited Hosting

Choosing the right and best unlimited hosting plans for your business is an important task. If you do not choose the best unlimited hosting plan for your business it may result in either you paying more than your requirement or it with a frequent downtime and slow speed of your website. Hence it is very important to choose the best hosting and reliable plans for your website. We provide maximum number of different unlimited hosting plans to make it convenient for our customers.

Once you purchase an unlimited hosting plan from us, we make sure that your server is setup as earliest as possible. By now you must have understood that just by building a website is not good enough to make your online business a success. Choose the right web hosting plan for your website is an important task as well. Give your business/website the best start with our unlimited hosting plans.

Linux Offers

Linux website hosting offers a better stability, flexibility and more level of security to the websites and it’s also available for lower cost when compared to windows web hosting service. There are only few people that might be knowing is that Google use Linux to run their servers as well as their mobile device and their OS Android is also based on Linux OS. There are many website hosting companies on the internet from where you can a linux hosting service. But the most important thing is to choose from hosting provider that is reliable because if unknowingly you choose a bad website hosting provider it can be very harmful for your website. By now you must have understood the meaning of linux hosting services. You can choose the most reliable linux hosting plan for your website. We provide best and most reliable linux hosting service. You can contact our sales representatives to choose the best linux hosting plan for your website.

When it comes to cheap linux hosting service, you should never count on popularity, size and plans resources but on the actual services that will be provided to you. If you have personal website or very small business website you can start with a shared linux hosting plan which will be available to you at very less price from us. A cheap linux hosting plan will be the best option for your personal website.

Premium Plan

To be the best among the rest needs years of expertise, here at hostingraja we have been proving the Premium Plans on web hosting services to the clients making us the most favored website hosting provider in the country. There are many web hosting companies in India, hence choosing the most desired web hosting company is very important. We have a world class infrastructure with a world class security features for our customers in our premium plans. Once you purchase a premium hosting package from us, we make sure your website passes through highest form security check so that it remains unaffected by any attacks. You can rely on our highest form of security to give your website the best exposure on the internet, without being afraid of any malware, phishing or hacking attacks.

We here are Hostingraja provides our clients with the latest and the best premium hosting services in India. We have the most secured servers giving your hosting service the best type of security. We have a team of experts working for our premium customers which available round the clock, you can contact us anytime for any of your inquiries.

Magento Hosting

We are specialized in providing an optimised Magento web hosting solutions to our customers in in India. Our Magento technology is optimised to provide best hosting solutions for ecommerce website. In a Magento hosting service a website needs more optimise mySQL and more CPU utilisation for content management system. It is one of the best platform for providing eCommerce solutions to start up owners, to start online shopping websites. Magento hosting service is the most popularly used content management system for starting an eCommerce website.

We have provided eCommerce solutions to many Successful eCommerce websites who have faced the challenges of constantly developing new features while at the same time ensuring a safe and high-performance operations for their websites. In our magento hosting service we help you to align the user requirements for better availability, better speed, and more security. We give high-performance eCommerce hosting plans to make your website grow to the maximum.

WordPress Hosting

If you are planning start a self hosted WordPress blog, then the first thing you must consider is the hosting service. To a major extent, the success of a site depends on this factor. And we all know how challenging it is to find an affordable and reliable Web hosting provider. Now if you are looking for an Indian based company we provide the most reliable wordpress hosting service.

WordPress Hosting is one of the most popular platform in the web industries. As most of the website are made on wordpress, there are millions of users using a wordpress hosting platform to build their websites which is user friendly. But one the major concern we have today about wordpress is about their vulnerability in the open-source core code of wordpress. We provide one of the most secured form of wordpress hosting services in India, giving the best reliability and flexibility to our customers.